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The Dowry - Sketch Comedy

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"Creative… Perfect… The laughs kept rolling”- Boston Events Insider

    First promo video for the Dowry’s (500) Days ‘til Summer opening at ImprovBoston on March 2nd!

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    Filming Day Two of (500) Days ‘til Summer! So much green. So much screen.

    Filming Day Two of (500) Days ‘til Summer! So much green. So much screen.

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    Show Announcement: (500) Days ‘til Summer

    The Dowry has been busy working hard on our March/April ImprovBoston Showcase Show. It’s called (500) Days ‘til Summer - a hilarious warm-weather-inspired sketch comedy experience to laugh away the winter blues. 

    Mark your calendars for March 2nd – April 27th, Fridays at 10PM (Excluding 3/23 for WICF)

    More info to come…

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    One last show of Enchanting Evening

    Hey friends, we only have one last performance of The Dowry’s Enchanting Evening this Friday 10/14 at 9:00 PM at ImprovBoston. It will sell out, so buy your tickets here ahead of time!

    Here are some things our audience has said about this show:

    dowrycomedy's new show improvboston had me APOPLECTIC. I don’t know how they keep being this brilliant. HAPPY!” -  Kevidently

    "Wow. dowrycomedy nailed it tonight.” - SteveDelfino

    "Put it this way, if you DON’T go see The Dowry, you are denying yourself an opportunity to see the best talent at IB put on one of the best shows in Boston. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with them since 2009 and they only get smarter, funnier, better with every new show. Their last series in April was one of the best sketch shows I’ve ever seen" - Brendan Mulhern

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    New Sketch Run @ ImprovBoston 9/30, 10/7 &14

    Sept 30, Oct 7 & 14 @ 9:00 PM @ ImprovBoston

    Tickets only $10/ $7 for students. Secure your spot online in advance for only a $0.50 fee here!

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    New Show in Progress!

    Hey gang! The Dowry has been very busy the last few weeks writing a brand new show that will knock your socks off. It’s not like anything you have seen from us before. The show will debut at the Boston Improv Festival, Thursday night, Sept 8th.

    We are also happy to announce our next Sketch Haus run at ImprovBoston! You’ll see brand new sketch AND our new MYSTERY SHOW debut:

    Friday, Sept 30th, Oct 7th and 14th @ 9:00 PM

    See you then!

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    The Dowry Awarded ImprovBoston’s Best Ensemble!

    Last week The Dowry was awarded ImprovBoston's Best Ensemble for the 2010-2011 season! Thanks so much to the theater that got us started and keeps us going!

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    Finalists Boston Comedy Festival!

    The Dowry was a finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival Improv/ Sketch competition 2010. Thank you to the BCF for a great time!

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